Helena 02

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Artist: Anya.es
Helena 02
Helena 02 Helena 02 Helena 02 Helena 02 Helena 02 Helena 02
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Eye-catching earrings in black the collection of Helena. Original idea and execution combined technique braid embroidery and tatting. Sutaszowe forms have been placed on the ground frywolitkowym thus obtained a three-dimensional design and light in the form. Earrings-sided, splendid and very effective. Active impregnated. Hooks - decorative silver sticks. Dimensions: earrings: max length approx - 9.0cm, max width approx - 4.5cm. It can be set with ornate hairpin available in the gallery.

Width: 4,50 cm
Length: 9,00 cm
Technique: Tatting, hand made, soutache, hand sewing
Material: beads, Preciosa beads, glass beads, Toho beads, lace, soutache
Color: black


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