AventurineWind Rose

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Artist: Jagienkaa
AventurineWind Rose
AventurineWind Rose AventurineWind Rose AventurineWind Rose
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The impressive, striking necklace made labor-intensive and unique on the Polish market koralikowego jewelery embroidery technique. Aventurine round with a diameter of 40 mm was surrounded by Preciosa beads in shades of green. The whole was suspended on ropes made koralikowych own twisted herringbone technique and aventurine beads interspersed. Finished with natural black leather. Dimensions: Diameter larger theme 5.5 cm, diameter of small motifs 2 cm circumference 43 cm plus silver clasp and extra 5 cm silver chain for adjustment. Elements of oxidized silver and rub.

Width: 5,50 cm
Length: 43,00 cm
Technique: beading, embroidery
Material: aventurine, Preciosa beads, skin, silver
Color: green


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