Dark Maeve (bransoleta)

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Artist: Jagienkaa
Dark Maeve (bransoleta)
Dark Maeve (bransoleta) Dark Maeve (bransoleta) Dark Maeve (bransoleta) Dark Maeve (bransoleta)
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Elegant, extremely y bracelet made koralikowego embroidery technique. Oval amethyst and jade bead was surrounded by hundreds of Toho and Preciosa beads in shades of purple. The whole finished with natural, soft suede in black. Dimensions: circuit after fastening 18 cm, width 3.7 to 5.3 cm. The gallery is also available for a necklace set. You can order a model in a different range of colors.

Width: 5,30 cm
Length: 18,00 cm
Technique: beading, embroidery
Material: amethyst, Preciosa beads, Toho beads, suede
Color: violet


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Dark Maeve (bransoleta)