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Heron Heron
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Repoussé, toreutics: these are terms related to artistic metalworking techniques of decorating objects, jewelry and interiors with minute detailed bas-reliefs.

I decided to adornments inspired by historical interiors of ancient Rome, Persian palaces and Art Deco residences. I focus on the elements of furniture such as decorated screen, door and wall panels. I use these metal canvases to hammer motives taken form Japanese and Byzantine art.

I use the traditional techniques of repoussé, gilding and silver plating as well as chemical tinging to enhance the contrast and dynamics of the composition. With my work I intend to bring back the thrill that careful metalwork decoration can give to its users.

These are only examples of my work and if you want I can do for you something special.

Feel free to contact...

Width: 80,00 cm

Tags: elegant, exclusiv, romantic, original, gift, art
Technique: metalwork, mixed, hammering, patina, hand made, craft, sculpture, forging
Material: coated with silver
Color: copper, multicolored


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