Marie Antoinette 3

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Artist: Rododendron7
Marie Antoinette 3
Marie Antoinette 3 Marie Antoinette 3 Marie Antoinette 3 Marie Antoinette 3 Marie Antoinette 3 Marie Antoinette 3
Price: 21 €

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Extremaly shiny and sparkling, unusual, sexy and very fashionable - handmade soutache studs. Made of soutache strips, Toho beads, falseted beads and others. The earrings measure about 3,5 cm diameter). 5 versions: hot brown/orange/gold (1), black/dark grey/silver (2), light grey/grey/silver (3), light brown/dark brown/gold (4), dark brown/beige/gold (5). Back side - brown/grey/black (matching to the model) felt, silver plated stud earrings with butterfly and silicone backs (two types). Optional clips or earrings . Professional bookbinding glue used, jewelry soutache and felt parts was impregnated with NANO SUPER PROTECTOR (Professional Nano Fabric Protection - protect stains, spills, dust, air humidity, et cetera).

Any differents (blue, red, green, pink, yellow ...) colours (and/or details) options possible. Just ask me ;) Customise time: 2-5 days.

Width: 3,50 cm
Length: 3,50 cm
Weight: 11,00 g

Tags: soutache, gift, jewelry, unusual, funny, sweet, modern, earrings, bold, chunky, shinny, elegant
Technique: hand made, soutache, hand sewing
Material: felt, beads, glass beads, Toho beads, silver 925, soutache
Color: beige, brown, amber, cappucino, black, ecru, graphite, orange, silver, grey, gold
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