Green Queen

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Artist: Rododendron7
Green Queen
Green Queen Green Queen Green Queen Green Queen Green Queen Green Queen Green Queen
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Very elegant, eyecatching and fashionable - handmade embroidery soutache and beads hair barrette made of green calcite, Toho beads, golden beads, 5 different shadows of green soutache strips (regular and twisted) and fire polish. Barrette measure 8,5 cm in length (metal clip only - 5cm) and 6 cm at the widest point. Back side - green felt and green soft real leather. Professional bookbinding glue used, jewelry soutache and felt parts was impregnated with NANO SUPER PROTECTOR (Professional Nano Fabric Protection - protect stains, spills, dust, air humidity, et cetera).

Any colour (and/or details) options possible. Just ask me ;) Customise time: 2-7 days.
Designe is also perfect for the BROOCH.

Pictures with blue version are just exemplary.

Width: 6,00 cm
Length: 8,50 cm
Weight: 16,00 g

Tags: soutache, gift, jewelry, unusual, elegant, barrette, hair, hair clip, hair barrette
Technique: hand made, soutache, hand sewing
Material: felt, calcite, glass beads, Toho beads, skin, soutache, glass
Color: pistachio, mint, emerald, green, gold


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