Zielona Ważka

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Artist: Ania Zalewska
Zielona Ważka
Zielona Ważka Zielona Ważka Zielona Ważka Zielona Ważka Zielona Ważka
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Necklace made from scratch with 925 silver Silver textured hand-formed and creates a delicate deciduous winged form in the center of which he judged disputes (9 mm) with a beautiful cut topaz and deep green color. The central part of the necklace measures approximately 7 x 3 cm. Circuit necklace is 42 cm (can be changed on request). Dark oxidative work adds some ancient character. All work will ship in elegant little boxes.

Width: 7,00 cm
Length: 42,00 cm
Weight: 9,00 g
Technique: metalwork
Material: silver 925, topaz
Color: silver, green


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