Hamsa I

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Artist: Jagienkaa
Hamsa I
Hamsa I Hamsa I Hamsa I Hamsa I
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Unusual earrings with motive Hand of Fatima - a symbol used traditionally in the Arab world as a talisman against the "evil eye". Made-consuming and unique on the Polish market jewelery embroidery technique koralikowego with black onyx beads, 925 silver and black beads Jablonex, the whole suspended on silver, Italian biglach. Finished with natural black suede. Earrings are part of a set of Hamsa inspired by the culture of Morocco. The profile creator, you can find a beautiful necklace in the set. Part of a set of Hamsa designed specifically for the magazine Business Woman's Life. Dimensions: 3 x 2.5 cm. (Main theme) earwire Length: 5.3 cm.

Width: 2,50 cm
Length: 3,00 cm
Technique: embroidery
Material: Preciosa beads, onyx, silver 925, suede
Color: black, silver


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