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The unique ring made in sterling silver. Upper part is rotating changing the position of oval-shaped opal. Ring is handmade with use of classical goldsmith techniques. Traditionally the hoop is covered with quartz enamel. All gemstones, including diamonds, are natural. There is an option to attach a certificate. The ring is intricately embroidered and carved. ...
Price: 900 €
Sapphire cat
Unique Art Nouveau brooch made in sterling silver. The brooch is repoussé, open-work and engraved; hand-made with use of classical goldsmith techniques. There are two natural sapphires weighing 1.8 ct. Below a relief covered with quartz enamel. At the back of the brooch I can engrave on request a short inion....
Price: 450 €
Towards the light
The unique Art Nouveau necklace was made in sterling silver. The product incorporates natural rosette-cut diamonds, sapphires and garnets. There is an option to attach a certificate. The whole including the chain is completely handmade. The work required the use of unique, old goldsmith techniques. The pendant is intricately sawing and carved. On the wings of the dragonfly I used a pave setting. Channel setting was used to squared sappihres. Central garnet weighing 5.9 ct was set in carga. Necklace is designed for a person who appreciates the craftsmanship of the old jewelers. ...
Price: 900 €
zawieszka liść
Zawieszka wykonana jest w całości ze srebra. Ręcznie wycinany ażur z motywem liścia wypełniony został szklaną emalią w technice plique-à-jour. Zawieszka umocowana jest na cienkim łańcuszku. Długość łańcuszka: 45cm Do kompletu polecam kolczyki....
Price: 60 €
Kolczyki liście geometryczne
Kolczyki zainspirowane są motywem liści w stylu art-deco. Ażury wycinane ręcznie w srebrze wypełnione zostały szklaną emalią plique-à-jour w pięknym, kolorze zieleni. Całość wypolerowano. Waga pary: 4.6 g Długość z biglem: 60mm Długość listka: 26mm Do kompletu polecam zawieszkę....
Price: 93 €
Godness wisior-nożyk
Pendant made by hand scratch. It consists of three interconnected layers - the outer are made of copper, the middle forming the blade of bronze. The top embellished spirals of textured copper, silver balls and framed in a silver crown cabochon natural pomegranate. Bottom decorated pattern of rosettes. I gave the whole shape of the ancient symbol of the Goddess. The pendant measures 10.6 x 3.9 cm. I hung it on a chain of copper decorated with faceted beads, natural pomegranate. The whole was zaoksydowana and frayed to achieve the ancient effect. All work will ship in elegant little boxes....
Price: 75 €
Earrings are hand-made silver attempts 925.Będą packed in a gift box....
Price: 21 €
Mantis - necklace
Artist: Sztuk Kilka, Category: Art Jewelry - Pendants
An original necklace made of 925 and 999 silver. Necklace was completely hand-d scratch. It combines Art Deco style and womans wilderness. Silver elements have been covered with oxide that gives steel/gray color. Some parts have been polished to natural color of silver. In the center of composition are dark green glass elements. These were d in our workshop with fusing technique (glass is hand-cut, colored and fired in electric kiln in 800°C degrees). Surface of glass is covered with UV resin so it is protected scratches. Metalwork is framed with wire wrapped silver elements. At the end of chains you can find pears in ecru color. Neck chain have possibility of length adjustment. Dimen...
Price: 305 €
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