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Soutache 369
*** Earrings copyright IN ORDER in any color *** earrings labor-intensive braid embroidery technique scratch by hand using strings braid, beads Fire Polish and tiny beads Toho. The back Copyright finish decorated with beads and felt only a minimal extent necessary, so that the whole was light. Pr.925 silver ear wires. Length of biglami ok.11 cm. You can perform this pattern in a different color combination. The authenticity of the product was confirmed CERTIFICATE, signed and numbered. The customer also receives a receipt. Earrings receive in an elegant jewelry box....
Price: 135 €
Wichrowe Wzgórza
Artist: Anna Nycz, Category: Art Jewelry - Earings
Earrings Wuthering Heights - is a unique and elegant earrings, which were made laborious braid embroidery technique in the colors of garnet and turquoise. Beautiful natural turquoise been worked embroidery ball chain to fully bring out their charm. Hooks anti-allergic, your choice - sticks or pendant....
Price: 57 €
Artist: Anna Nycz, Category: Art Jewelry - Earings
Pocahontas earrings - with a special dedication to zmarźlaków, were made laborious braid embroidery technique in kolorch turquoise, beige, brown, gold, amber, thereby creating an atmosphere of warm color. Heart earring adorned with beautiful Swarovski crystal, which casts its glow on below the ecological fur. Hooks non-allergenic....
Price: 93 €
Naszyjnik z sutaszu
Designer necklace made extremely labor-intensive manual embroidery technique using tapes called silk braid. Decorated in warm, extremely feminine colors. The colors work together to beautifully complementing a coherent whole. In the center of the necklace I put two moonstones with a beautiful blue fire, which unfortunately was not able to the pictures. an intricate setting Swarovski crystals and pearls. Also found their Japanese beads TOHO and Czech Preciosa. The precision and delicacy of implementation and the quality of the materials used give the necklace noble and timeless character. Dimensions: length of about 45 cm, the central element-height 8.8 cm, width 10 cm, smaller elements 4....
Price: 165 €
Naszyjnik  Papuzi
Artist: Anna Nycz, Category: Art Jewelry - Necklaces
Naszyjnik Papuzi - został wykonany pracochłonną techniką haftu koralikowego i beadingu. Niezwykle kolorowy i efektowny. Obsypany masą naturalnych howlitów i turkusów. Długość naszyjnika wynosi 18 cm, natomiast szerokość w najszerszym miejscu wynosi 7,5 cm. Długość zawieszenia wynosi łącznie 64 cm i posiada płynną regulację....
Price: 90 €
RAVENNA - embroidery necklace
Extremely elegant, eyecatching and fashionable - handmade bib necklace made of beautiful faceted glass cabochons, rhinestone chain (zirkonia tape), Toho and other beads. Main necklace element measure about 7cm x 6cm, both beaded parts (left and right) are about 21 cm long each, chain 5cm, dangle chains up 14cm. Inside line - 40cm +5 chain, outside line 55cm 5cm chain. Back side - black natural leather. Necklace is perfect for all types of women - size xs to xxl (34 - 46). Jewelry was impregnated with NANO SUPER PROTECTOR (Professional Nano Fabric Protection - protect stains, spills, dust, air humidity, et cetera). OOAK - I can made similar necklace, but never the same :) Different...
Price: 149 €
Caramel Dragonfly soutache
Extremely elegant, eyecatching and fashionable - handmade pendant made of brown, metallic gold and caramel/honey soutache strips, beautiful czech butterfly glass cabochon, gold and brown pearls, rhinestone chains (zirkonia tape), fp and Toho beads. Pendant measure about 20 cm in length (8cm soutache part, 11cm tassel), and 8 cm at the widest point. Chain in gold color about 40cm (+5cm) and long brown string 80cm (+ 5cm). Back side - brown calfskin (for this part proffesional waterproof glue used), decorative tassel could be attached to the pendant by the clasp. You can wear it two ways with different outfits: with or without tassel! :) Jewelry was impregnated with NANO SUPER PROTECTOR (Profe...
Price: 83 €
Giulia - soutache pendant
Very shinny, eyecatching and fashionable - handmade soutache pendant made of regular and metallic soutache strips, beautiful 3D face-cabochon made by me, glass faceted cabochon, rhinestone tapes, fire polish beads and Toho beads. The pendant (only) measure about 9 cm in length, and 6 cm at the widest point, elegant 45 cm (+5cm) string included. Back side - italian natural leather. Professional waterproof glue used for back part, jewelry was impregnated with NANO SUPER PROTECTOR (Professional Nano Fabric Protection - protect stains, spills, dust, air humidity, et cetera). picture 3 : pendant with matching earrings pictures 4-7: other pendants FACES collection. picture 5: pendant pr...
Price: 54 €
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