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Earrings with silver Ag 925, embellished with copper....
Price: 30 €
Artist: Marina Noske, Category: Art Jewelry - Rings
Wyrazisty, sporych rozmiarów pierścień. Fakturowany, zdobiony kaboszonem peridotu oraz cyrkoniami w ametystowym kolorze. Obrączka szeroka na górze (2,4 cm), zwężana ku dołowi dla wygody noszenia. Pasuje dla osób noszących standardową obrączkę o rozmiarze 15. Waga całości ok. 12 g...
Price: 97 €
Nowoczesna, ale klimatyczna, bo z nutką folkloru góralskiego, szeroka na ok. 2 cm. obrączka ze srebra 925. Profilowane brzegi i ciekawie przetarta powierzchnia z delikatnym matem dodatkowo podkreśla urodę wygrawerowanego wzoru. Wykonywana na zamówienie po ustaleniu rozmiaru. Czas oczekiwania ok. 14 dni roboczych. Na wszystkie swoje wyroby udzielam 5 letniej gwarancji ...
Price: 75 €
Artist: CIBA, Category: Art Jewelry - Earings
A pair of chic sterling silver earrings with natural red coral marquise cabochons.  Take even the simplest outfit to the next level with this gorgeous, tasteful and stylish design. A case piece, these earrings shine by themselves without the need for other jewelry. A perfect gift for yourself or someone special! The earrings are entirely hand made, using an ingenious technique combining wire-wrapping and metalwork elements. materials: sterling silver, red coral. size: 100x30 mm, single earring weight: 5,6 g, (Use the sizing information provided for a best sense of the fit.) Would you like a unique, custom designed piece thats all your own? Whether youd like something sized just ...
Price: 423 €
Artist: Jubiko, Category: Art Jewelry - Bracelets
The bracelet is hypoallergenic, lightweight and durable. Length of bracelets 16.5 cm + 3 cm slits (bracelet will be good on the wrist with a circumference of 16 - 18 cm). If required, the bracelet can be folded. One of the photos s a wrist bracelet with a circumference of 16 cm. Width: 2,5 cm This bracelet is made titanium, which is a metal extremely suitable for jewelry, firstly because it’s strong but lightweight material, and secondly it is biocompatible, hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant, so that jewelry pieces last for longer. - All pieces in my titanium collection are colored using the anodizing technique. Titanium’s surface forms a series of colors similar to rainb...
Price: 80 €
Mystery of purple
Artist: Sztuk Kilka, Category: Art Jewelry - Earings
Exclusive earrings made of 925 sterling silver. The smooth silver lines surround the amethyst with a faceted surface, the stones are intensely purple shades and beautifully shimmer in the sun. Mystery of purple have something of Secession in them, they are very light but also impressive. They are the perfect complement to your outfit for an important daytime or evening outing. Perfect earrings for the person you love, elegant and subtle attention to detail. Dimensions: Length - 6.5 cm with clasp Width - 1.8 cm Clasp are locked. The size of the stone - 0.6 cm Weight of one earring - about 6.0 g Weight of silver in both earrings: 10.0 g...
Price: 160 €
With orange zirconia
Artist: Jubiko, Category: Art Jewelry - Rings
The ring is made of titanium and zirconia. It is light, durable and perfect for allergy sufferers. Jewelery Size: 14 (7 US). Zirconia diameter: 7 mm. Ring width: 4 mm * Ring made of titanium - a metal discovered fifty years ago. Strong as steel, even though it weighs about half as much, not having to none of the other metal in terms of corrosion resistance, completely hypoallergenic and physiologically inert. * Items made of titanium are hypoallergenic, so it does not irritate the skin. * Titanium also does not require special maintenance and can be cleaned with a soft damp toothbrush and soap. For colored surfaces Do not use abrasive cleaners. * Jewelry will be packaged...
Price: 75 €
Haute Couture
Artist: Anna Nycz, Category: Art Jewelry - Earings
Earrings Haute Couture - were made laborious technique braid embroidery in black. Extremely elegant and refined. Like lace, meticulously crafted work. Hooks non-allergenic....
Price: 75 €
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