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Small and feminine pendant with moonstone. Ideal as an everyday jewellery. The stone has a subtle blue fire but is mainly white-grey. The pendant is oxidized and highly polished but the chain was left in natural bright silver finish. Jewellery will be send in a jewellery box. Size: Total length - 4,2 cm Width - 3 cm Chain length - 45,5 cm + 10 cm extension Total weight - 10,6 g ---------------------------------------------------------------- VERY IMPORTANT My jewellery is shipped Switzerland and as such can be subjected to duties and taxes in every country. The buyer is responsible for all payments. In case of any questions please contact me. ...
Price: 120 €
Dziki czar
Delicate and elegant earrings made to order with a yellow or white gold 0.585 pr (14K). Sticks of rough diamonds in square frames with dimensions of approximately 5 mm x 5 mm (each 0,3ct). Delivery time about 14 days. FOR ALL YOUR GOODS MAKES 5 YEAR WARRANTY....
Price: 177 €
Syrena  - bransoleta
Bracelet of natural pearls, leather straps dyed and rub in vintage style. Closure and decorative balls with hand-forged sterling silver 930 and 925. Length 18cm + 3cm....
Price: 105 €
Artist: Litori, Category: Art Jewelry - Necklaces
Big of black onyx in elegant, flowered frame. Whole piece hangs on line of amethysts and jadeite. It comes the collection Dream Flakes. Fully handmadde work by soldering and hammering technique. d with oxidized, polished sterling and fine silver. The chain ended with a decorative clasp. LENGTH : 6,6cm WIDTH: 3,3cm WEIGHT: 34,17g CHAIN LENGTH: 48cm MATERIALS: sterling silver, fine silver (925, 930, 999), onyx, amethyst, jadeite TECHNIQUE: soldering, hammering, metalwork...
Price: 204 €
krzemienny ogród
Unikatowy wisiorek, wykonany od podstaw ręcznie, ze srebra i naturalnego kamienia. Nieregularny kaboszon krzemienia pasiastego zamknęłam w srebrnej ramce i ozdobiłam roślinnymi motywami. Listek wycięłam ze srebrnej blachy, nadałam mu delikatną fakturę i organiczną formę. Kwiatki wykonałam z glinki artclay silver (srebro próby 999). Wisiorek wraz z zawieszką mierzy ok. 5x2 cm. Został zaoksydowany (przyciemniony) dla podkreślenia faktury metalu. Zawiesiłam go na srebrnym łańcuszku o długości 59 cm (na życzenie możliwa zmiana). Wszystkie prace wysyłam w eleganckich pudełeczkach. ...
Price: 69 €
Moroccan geometry
Artist: Sztuk Kilka, Category: Art Jewelry - Brooches
Openwork brooch made of silver 925. The intricate designs directly the architecture of Morocco became the inspiration for me to geometric jewelry. The brooch consists of two layers of silver, which I connected with a wire-wrapping technique (wire wrapped with pure silver). The bottom layer was covered with oxide, silver-gray color, the surface of the upper part satin and the color of natural silver. Brooch at the back has a small spike to attach a butterfly pin on it, visible on one of the pictures. If you like oriental geometry, this brooch will be perfect for you :) Dimensions: Diameter: 6.5 cm Weight of silver: 19.0 g...
Price: 228 €
Pierścień z lawą
Artist: Jolanta Bromke, Category: Art Jewelry - Rings
Okazałych rozmiarów pierścień wykonany ze srebra 925, brązowej lawy wulkanicznej i skóry naturalnej. Srebro oksydowane. Całość utrzymana w jesiennej tonacji brązów i złota z nutą delikatnej zieleni. Obrączka regulowana, ustawiona na rozmiar 11....
Price: 165 €
Artist: Litori, Category: Art Jewelry - Rings
Unique ring with glamorous ornaments. The heart is a mysterious, pink lodolite, accompanied by amethyst. Ring comes the collection Dream Flakes. Fully handmade work by soldering and hammering technique. d with oxidised, polished sterling and fine silver. Please contact me to set the size. HEIGHT : 2,1cm CROWN SIZE: 3,6x2,2cm WEIGHT: 16,65g CIRCUIT : adjustable MATERIALS: sterling silver, fine silver (925, 930, 999, lodolite, amethyst TECHNIQUE: metalwork, soldering, hammering ...
Price: 102 €
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