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Kolczyki wykonane zostały z satynowanego srebra pr. 925, surowych bursztynów i pokrytych rdzą metalowych elementów. Mimo rozmiarów są lekkie. Długość - 6,1 cm. Szerokość - max. 2,2 cm...
Price: 111 €
Soutache 369
*** Earrings copyright IN ORDER in any color *** earrings labor-intensive braid embroidery technique scratch by hand using strings braid, beads Fire Polish and tiny beads Toho. The back Copyright finish decorated with beads and felt only a minimal extent necessary, so that the whole was light. Pr.925 silver ear wires. Length of biglami ok.11 cm. You can perform this pattern in a different color combination. The authenticity of the product was confirmed CERTIFICATE, signed and numbered. The customer also receives a receipt. Earrings receive in an elegant jewelry box....
Price: 135 €
Boho - Suthra
Artist: AillilStudio, Category: Art Jewelry - Earings
Effective, boho earrings made scratch sterling silver, gold-plated (24k) silver and brass. Earrings are decorated with hand-carved natural emerald leaves and lapis lazuli. Earrings are textured, oxidized and polished. Total length:5,3 cm (2,1). Weight of a single earring: 5,37g. All works are sent in elegant jewellery boxes- perfect for a gift. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE....
Price: 87 €
Silver beaded earrings
The combination of elegant handmade silver base with joyful colors of beads is the secret beauty of these earrings. They are very light, and the ears look great. Silver anodised, extruded, Japanese glass beads, Swarovski crystals. Length 4.5 cm, diameter 3 cm....
Price: 64 €
S&S- Surya
Artist: AillilStudio, Category: Art Jewelry - Earings
Surya post earrings are sunny, summer stud earrings made oxidized sterling silver. Natural baltic amber ( hearts in the middle) are surrounded by honey hessonite and juicy yellow chalcedony. Total length: 4cm (1,6). Weight of a single earring: 5,45g. All works are sent in elegant jewellery boxes- perfect for a gift. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE...
Price: 60 €
Wichrowe Wzgórza
Artist: Anna Nycz, Category: Art Jewelry - Earings
Earrings Wuthering Heights - is a unique and elegant earrings, which were made laborious braid embroidery technique in the colors of garnet and turquoise. Beautiful natural turquoise been worked embroidery ball chain to fully bring out their charm. Hooks anti-allergic, your choice - sticks or pendant....
Price: 57 €
A simple earrings with beautiful labradorite cabochons. Made of sterling and fine silver with gold filled wire. Universal in shape and bold in colour, they will compliment every outfit. They are big enough to be noticed but not so big that you cannot wear other accessories with them. The stones have flashes of gold, green and blue fire. The silver is oxidized to black to offset gold filled wire in most striking way. Jewellery will be send in a jewellery box. Size: Total length - ok. 3.9 cm Diameter of main element - ok. 2.2 cm Total weight of one earring - 3.8 gram ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- VERY IMPORTANT My jewellery is shi...
Price: 102 €
A statement earrings made of fine and sterling silver. The stones are lovely rutilated quartz cabochons - golden strands of rutile are a welcomed inclusion in crystal quartz adding color and a little sparkle. The earrings are oxidized and highly polished to bring out texture and shine of the silver. The earrings are big but not heavy thanks to the open design. They are bold and definitely will be noticed. Jewellery will be send in a jewellery box. Size: Total lenght: 6.4 cm Width: 2.9 cm Weight of one earring: 5.8 gram ---------------------------------------------------------------- VERY IMPORTANT My jewellery is shipped Switzerland and as such can be subjected to duties and...
Price: 179 €
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