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An extremely elegant and original wedding ring made of silver pr925. Sides and middle paseki gold wedding rings with zakutymi between zircons. Other sizes and widths on request. Wyróbcechowany and signed by the artist....
Price: 90 €
Proprietary design wedding rings made of yellow or white gold pr 0585 (14K), on request by appointment sizes. Rings width: 6mm Thickness: 1.7 mm. The average weight of a set of rings for sizes 12 and 20: ok 15g.Charakterystyczna and unique area of ​​wedding rings is done manually and individually for each egzemplarza.Na all its products impart a 5 year warranty. The ring is made to order. Delivery time about 14 days. CHANGES IN CONNECTION WITH GOLD VALUE BEFORE SUBMITTING A CONTRACT PLEASE CONTACT AND CONFIRM PRICES....
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Golden Industrial
Elegant bracelet with industrial-inspired formula of town, machine and progress. The dominant element is perforated, highly polished metal plate embedded in their spatial counterpart, this time with pozłoconego silver. An impression in the specimen makes its spaciousness, unique design and perfect workmanship. The works the studio of Martin Boguslaw are jewelry author, signed with his namesake. Order effected within 14 days and set individually. On request bracelet can have only elements of silver, gold plated or gold....
Price: 63 €
Unconventional, surround the ring with a natural, big, uncut, warm amber-colored honey. Rosette surrounded by cubic zirconia in the smooth setting. Exceptionally beautiful specimen. All products are made entirely by hand, signed and produced in a single copy of the original idea. Ring in a private collection. You can order a similar, but there are also even minimal differences arising from the fact that no two amber and it is a craft. Delivery time 7 days....
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Beautiful miniature carriage of arms on the door, Christmas wreaths on the sides and chest decorated with floral elements. The whole marked by fanciful decorations made with hands creator of brass sheet. When folded, it was painted and enriched with colorful Swarovski zircons. Delicate and light in nature thumbnails are closed in glass goblets. They are the perfect backdrop for elegant interiors and remarkable gift for different occasions, in this case a wedding, anniversary or birthday. The creation process of cutting elements and the placing of the thumbnails in one piece is very time-consuming and laborious. It requires great precision and focus, which is why it takes time for its executi...
Price: 270 €
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