Jewelry for men

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We offer original, handmade jewelry for men who like to stand out in good style.

Crusader- bransoleta
Bracelet Men's series of Crusades. 6mm leather strap bound in oxidized silver trials 930 and 925. Closure forged wheel diameter 2cm. A maximum length of 23cm (can be shortened). Active in vintage style....
Price: 120 €
Spinki do mankietów - białe
Elegant and very trendy this season, cufflinks in the shape of a Maltese cross. Cufflinks handmade with great attention to detail, silver pr. 925, covered with enamel. The dimensions of the cross - around 1.7 x 1.7 cm. On request, matt or polished. Besides, I can do any color. You can purchase a pendant to the set, indicated on one of the pictures. Cufflinks are packed in an elegant box....
Price: 74 €
Dark Side - komplet bransolet
Set of two bracelets - bracelet with brown leather strap and silver 925 and 930. Decorative slides and fastening oxidized and rub in vintage style. Length bracelet set individually, according to the order. - Bracelet - green jade beads 4mm and 925 silver, oxidized and rubbed in vintage style. Length 53cm + 3cm chain (can custom fit)....
Price: 108 €
Dust N Bones(lawa)-bransoleta
Bracelet with black volcanic lava (6mm). Handmade silver elements 925 and 930, rub in vintage style. Skull made personally lost wax casting. Length bracelet set individually....
Price: 72 €
Nomada (turkus)- bransoleta
Bracelet - 4mm turquoise rings, black onyx beads and 925 silver, oxidized and rub in vintage style. The length of 52cm + 3cm chain (can be custom fit)....
Price: 54 €
Pierścień To też przeminie
RING OF HARMONY, PEACE AND WISDOM. According to the story told by Sufis, he lived somewhere in the Middle East a king who constantly struggled between happiness with grief. The slightest thing could make him great anxiety or provoke him to a violent reaction, and happiness quickly changed to disappointment and despair. The time has come when the king finally got tired of himself and his life and began to seek a way out of this situation. He summoned a sage who lived in his kingdom, and has a reputation as an enlightened man. When he arrived, the king declared:? I want to be like you. Can you give me something that will make my life there will be harmony, peace and wisdom? I'll pay any pr...
Price: 120 €
Grey Leather Strap-bransoleta
Bracelet of leather straps dyed and rub in vintage style. Closure and decorative balls with hand-forged sterling silver 930 and 925 ...
Price: 60 €
Ocean Pattern
Ceramic cufflinks in the Classic collection are elegant accessory for fans of the original ornaments. Cufflinks are made to order - each pair has a unique grid cracks formed as a result of firing in a ceramic furnace at temperatures over 1000°C. - also the shade of turquoise may be slightly different than the one visible on images displayed (this may be caused both by process and individual monitor settings). Sold in elegant jewelery box (picture nr 3) - perfect for a gift. Picture nr 2, with the model, turquoise cufflinks without pattern, but in the same size. (Ceramics, silver-plated brass-6 microns, decorative part 14 mm in diameter) Availability: shipping within 4-5 business ...
Price: 23 €
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