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My name is Dariusz Zacharzewski, I specialise in designing and making silver jewelery.
I am creative person and enjoy very much implementing my ideas and witnessing the creative process throughout the beginning to the end.Although my main material is silver, my disigns can also contain leather. Combining leather and metal allows me to express transience and permanence together. Working with metals enables me especially to feel that I am creating the constant , something that will last. All my jewelery is hand-made which gives it its very own unique character. The original theme of my disigns, as well as my meticulous attention to detail ,have allowed me to develop a unique style of jewelery making .In my work I strive for perfection. That involves constant learning and developing my skills. I take both pride and pleasure in my work and I am always looking for new challenges.
Pendant Dog Paw Silver 13
Earrings Dog Paw Bronze 15
Pendant Cat Paw Silver 13
Pendant Cthulhu Black Pharaoh 18
Bracelet Dog Paw Silver 35
Pendant Cthulhu Black Pharaoh 35
Pendant Dog Paw Bronze 10
Pendant Cthulhu Symbol Bronze 18
Bracelet Dog Paw Bronze 25
Pendant Angry Wolf Silver 63
Earrings Dog Paw Silver 23
Bracelet Cat Paw Silver 35
Bracelet Cat Paw Bronze 25
Pendant Pragraph Silver 23
Pendant Xeranthemum Decorated 25
Pendant Emperor Constantine S 25
Pendant Pragraph Bronze 13
Earrings Cat Paw Silver 23
Earrings Wings Silver 35
Bracelet Shaman Silver 105
Pendant Emperor Titus Bronze 15
Ring Eye Silver 70
Pendant Flying Bulldog Bronze 28
Earrings Cat Paw Bronze 15
Pendant Emperor Titus Silver 25
Earrings Wings Bronze 20
Bracelet Shaman Bronze 55
Pendant Flying Bulldog Silver 48
Earring Silver 20
Pendant Thors Hammer Bronze 75
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