Sztuk Kilka

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Eagle owl
Artist: Sztuk Kilka, Category: Art Jewelry - Pendants
An unique necklace made of 925 silver, representing the eagle owl. Owl has been made with natural leather I blurted out the pattern on the leather that is imitating bird feathers. Silver have been covered with an oxide in silver/steel color. This is an originally designed decoration for people who value hand made and highest quality.The pendant is hanging on silver chain with adjustable hook (for length regulation). Eagle owl: 5.5 x 6.5 cm Length of chain: 49.0 cm + 14.0 cm adjustment Silver Weight: approx. 18.0 g...
Price: 163 €
Cherry blossoms
Artist: Sztuk Kilka, Category: Art Jewelry - Earings
Charming set: earrings and brooch (pin) with silver 925 sample. Cherry blossoms, one of the symbols of spring and Japan, early sun and the first breeze of warm wind. In order to enjoy a little of this time of year, I d light earrings and a brooch ing cherry blossoms. The whole was made of hammered silver, while the flower petals were covered with a colorful UV-cured resin with a glossy surface. The brooch has a pin fastened to a butterfly type clasp, silver earrings are attached to the pin earrings. dimensions: Brooch: 3.5 cm Earrings: 2.5 cm Weight of one earring: 2.7 g Weight of silver in total: 9.5 g...
Price: 182 €
Scarlet Moroccan
Artist: Sztuk Kilka, Category: Art Jewelry - Earings
Light earrings made of 925 sterling silver. Intense colors and amazing mosaics Morocco have given me the impetus to these earrings. the silver sheet I cut out the openings inspired by the true patterns of Moroccan architecture. One side of the metal covered with low-temperature enamel * with deep colors: red, raspberry and cobalt. The charms of the whole add glass glazes in blue and shades of violet. Earrings have lockable earrings. If you like oriental flair and love strong colors, these earrings are just for you. * Low temperature enamel - fired at 150 ° C. dimensions: Width: 4.0 cm Length without a clasp: 6.5 cm Weight of silver in one earring: 6.0 g...
Price: 125 €
Moroccan geometry
Artist: Sztuk Kilka, Category: Art Jewelry - Brooches
Openwork brooch made of silver 925. The intricate designs directly the architecture of Morocco became the inspiration for me to geometric jewelry. The brooch consists of two layers of silver, which I connected with a wire-wrapping technique (wire wrapped with pure silver). The bottom layer was covered with oxide, silver-gray color, the surface of the upper part satin and the color of natural silver. Brooch at the back has a small spike to attach a butterfly pin on it, visible on one of the pictures. If you like oriental geometry, this brooch will be perfect for you :) Dimensions: Diameter: 6.5 cm Weight of silver: 19.0 g...
Price: 228 €
Emerald Marrakech
Geometric pendant made of silver 925. Intricate Moroccan mosaics, inspired me to this pendant. I cut out according to the true patterns taken the architecture of Morocco. The pendant consists of two layers of silver partially covered with oxide, which gives it a steel - gray hue. Between the holes, I placed a small ceramics of crystalline emerald green shade. I put the tag on a silver chain with snap-fasten and my logo. The crystalline glaze technique that d on the cabochon surface amazing and penetrating flowers - crystals, is extremely rarely used. Crystals resemble patterns d on frostbite and are never identical, so each element is so unique. dimensions: Pendant: 4.5 x 5.0 cm C...
Price: 215 €
Fire bird
A unique necklace made of 925 sterling silver. The old Russian fairy tale about the fire-bird and Alexy took over my imagination, and on that basis the necklace was d. The magic bird with flaming feathers creeped out the golden apples of Alexs fathers orchard every night, and only the young man was able to catch him. The apple is a fiery golden stone shining with orange glow, as if nature had locked in a bit of glitter in it. The openwork feathers of the fiery bird covered the oxide, giving them an orange-blue color. I put metalwork on a chain with a snap hook and my logo. If you are close to being fantastic characters ancient tales and legends, then this necklace will be perfect for you...
Price: 518 €
Moon flower
Delicate pendant made of 925 sterling silver. Subtle braids surround a delicate face carved in buffalo bones and brought directly Bali. The creamy white sculpture contrasts with the dark silver surface, which I covered with an oxidizer giving it a steel gray shade. The top surface of ornamental cutouts I polished to shine. The charm of the whole adds a natural pearl - Mabe with a beautiful violet-blue glow. The pendant has a chain with snap fasteners and regulation complete with my logo. dimensions: Pendant: 6.0 x 8.0 cm Length of the chain: 48.0 cm + 9.0 cm adjustable Weight of silver: 26.0 g...
Price: 245 €
Burning water
Hot springs, vast plains, high forests ... America is a spacious and varied land, the culture of the natives has become an inspiration for me to this necklace. porcelain I made a simplified face, surrounded by silver and feathery plume of red and spotted feathers. Under the feathers, I pinned the turquoise cords ending in cobalt glass goblets. I covered the surface of silver with an oxide that gave it a steel-gray hue. The necklace is not fastened, metalwork is placed on linen - cotton cord with a tighter spacing, which is used to pull the rope to the appropriate length. I ended with silver tips, which prevent it slipping out of the spacer. dimensions: Length of rope: about 92....
Price: 295 €
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