Pracownia płatnersko-jubilerska

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Armorer-jewelry Laboratory is a collaboration between father and son.

Stanislaw Jasik born, 12/12/55. He graduated from the department of Industrial Design at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. Immediately after graduation he began to create artistic jewelry. At the end of the 90s started producing armor from every era. Years of experience has allowed him to work with film productions as well as theater arts. He collaborated with well-known artists, such as Hoffman, Allan Starski.
Currently, create accurate replicas of armor hussar.

Cooperation with the film Fri "With Fire and Sword" (1997)
Cooperation with the film Fri "Quo Vadis" (2000)
Cooperation with the film Fri "Old Tale" (2002)
Collaboration with the National Theatre for the play Fri "Richard II" (2005)
In collaboration with the Theatre for the play Will Fri "King Lear" (2005)
Cooperation with Mermaid Theatre for the play Fri "Club Hipohondyrków II, something of the spirit" (2006)
Cooperation with the Polish Theatre for the play Fri "El Cid" (2011)

Jasik Martin follows in the footsteps of his father. Using the technique and tools for 4 years creates a unique jewelry in the technique Mokume-gane. Hundreds of hours spent on perfecting the craft, allowed him, as one of the few in Poland, playing with forms and patterns using the technique of Mokume-gane

What is this technique, where it originates and what is? :

Mokume-Gane is a seventeenth century Japanese technique, which consists of przekuwaniu with each other precious metals that penetrate through the entire volume of the product. (Well it shows in the wedding rings) This formula does not wear. Metals used in this technique are silver, copper, palladium, platinum, gold and various colors.
You should know that each design is unique and can not be copied. Even if the form is the same, each product is different.

Create your own design!

If you have an idea for your own product, made in the technique of Mokume-Gane, present him with a message.
-Any materials
-Any shape
Write, and certainly together we will create something unique!
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mokume ring palladium silver 99
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mokume ring palladium silver Ask about the price
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