Mateusz Zieliński

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Every stage of my life was more or less related to working in metal. This is certainly due to my dad, a goldsmith master, who has since I can remember encouraged me to follow his steps. Even during my studies I always found a time and a desire to acquire new skills, passed on me by my father.
Artistic identity developed in me through many years of practice in the family studio. Over the years, I was facing more and more difficult tasks. Since 2010 I have been dealing with handmade replicas of ancient jewelery. I was inspired by such decorative styles like Art Deco and Art Nouveau, and it was on this basis that I tried to something new. My biggest success was to receive in 2015 the distinction of the Polish Guild of Artisans for the participation in the competition "Master of Silver". My works were exhibited at the Legnica's Silver Gallery and in Wuppertal at the Von Natur bis Popkultur exhibition where they gain the recognition of many recipients.
The unique ring made in sterling silver. Upper part is rotating changing the position of oval-shaped opal. Ring is handmade with use of classical goldsmith techniques. Traditionally the hoop is covered with quartz enamel. All gemstones, including diamonds, are natural. There is an option to attach a certificate. The ring is intricately embroidered and carved. ...
Price: 900 €
Sapphire cat
Unique Art Nouveau brooch made in sterling silver. The brooch is repoussé, open-work and engraved; hand-made with use of classical goldsmith techniques. There are two natural sapphires weighing 1.8 ct. Below a relief covered with quartz enamel. At the back of the brooch I can engrave on request a short inion....
Price: 450 €
Towards the light
The unique Art Nouveau necklace was made in sterling silver. The product incorporates natural rosette-cut diamonds, sapphires and garnets. There is an option to attach a certificate. The whole including the chain is completely handmade. The work required the use of unique, old goldsmith techniques. The pendant is intricately sawing and carved. On the wings of the dragonfly I used a pave setting. Channel setting was used to squared sappihres. Central garnet weighing 5.9 ct was set in carga. Necklace is designed for a person who appreciates the craftsmanship of the old jewelers. ...
Price: 900 €