Małgosia Mieleszko-Myszka

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Maggie was born in 1971 in Lublin, but moved to Warsaw to finish my studies here Sculpture Department at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. Obtained a diploma in sculpture in prof. Adam Myjak, and the figure in the studio doc. Sophie Glazer in 1996. It is interesting that her work can be found in the medal collection of the Museum of Art Medal in. Many times she participated in various exhibitions is also a member of a group of young Polish designers, goldsmiths spuaa. In 1998, he began to create a unique silver jewelry that combines the sculptural form of a small usable form. Her work is inspired by the art of pre-Columbian America, Ancient Rome and Greece, and Slavonic art. Seeking suitable playing Call of silver and various stones and wood. Metal gives a different shape and texture. Her jewelry is not only a product of craft, but most of all artistic activities, a small form of sculptural and utilitarian at the same time.
Tierra akwamaryn 60
Prezent dla Niej ... 72
Tierra oliwin 60
Odyseja kosmiczna 69
Black beauty 60
Golden Line 66
ETNOFILC fiolety 14 51
ETNOFILC szaroróżowy 12 36
ETNOFILC czerwienie 19 66
ETNOFILC czerwienie 14 40
Galaktyka Sold
Widmo-kręgi Sold
Golden Line Sold
Doskonałe kształty Sold
Na zamówienie dla Pana Robert Sold
Antic Sold
Roman Sold
Etnofilc komplet dla pani Ewy Sold
ETNOFILC zielenie 12 Sold
ETNOFILC pasiak łowicki 10 Sold
ETNOFILC multi z żółtym 16 Sold
ETNOFILC zielenie 12 Sold
ETNOFILC Gosiowe Sold
ETNOFILC pasiak łowicki 10 Sold
ETNOFILC czerwienie Sold
ENTOFILC szaroniebieski Sold
ETNOFILC multikolor czarny 10 Sold
Etnofilc komplet Reservation
MULTI dorado Sold
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