Karolina Stefańska

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It´s not my job, it´s my passion.
Silver, bronze, stones, all put together into unique shapes, that you
can keep close all the time.
Constantly learning new techniques and challenging myself.
I simply cannot stop making jewellery:)
Silver ring with garnets, hand-carved with celtic designs, golden plated with patina. available EU sizes: 13-20...
Price: 96 €
Silver ring with amethysts, hand-carved with celtic designs and patina. available EU sizes: 13-20...
Price: 90 €
Srebrne serce [pr 950] emaliowane kolorowymi żywicami w indyjski wzór paisley, ozdobione szklanym zielonym oczkiem, zawieszone na srebrnym łańcuszku [pr 925] wymiary: serce 2x1,5 cm łańcuszek: 44cm [z możliwością przedłużenia]...
Price: 50 €
Medusa pendant, fully hand made and sculptured. its available in silver, bronze or white bronze....
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Perfume Locket - Winter
Perfume Locket - Colors of Winter Silver locket, reversible, with colorful resin pattern. Solid natural perfume refill, made natural waxes and oils, is held by a magnet. The diameter is 2,7 cm. Available fragrances: azalea, oragne, white grapefruit, lilac, jasmine, ylang ylang, geranium, frangipani, champaka, lilly of the valley, rose, tea rose, lemon grass, bergamot, may chang, vailla, cherry blossom, water lilly, orchid, white tea. Fragnances corrsponding to known perfumes: Dior Poison, Channel no 5, Clinique Happy, Calvin Klein Obsession, CK One i Eternity, Thierry Mugler Alien, Yves Saint Laurent Opium, Issey Miyake LEau DIssey, oraz Vera Wang Princess. Please remember to send ...
Price: 90 €
Steampunk Bronze Signet
Steampunk Bronze Signet Ring with Watch Mechanism, fully handmade. This is an example photo - the initial letter can be customized, changed to many or replaced by other design. Each ring will be a little different and original. It is possible to make it with other metals like silver, white bronze or copper. Making this ring takes time, please be aware of that when ordering. For any information please just contact me:) available sizes [US sizes]: 7 - 12 ...
Price: 105 €
Gorgonian necklace, fully hand made and sculptured silver with a large white pearl and silver net chain. ...
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Princess Tiara
Unique Princess Tiara, hand made silver with adorable pearls, originaly designed by me for a wedding. In this design the ornament is 3 cm high in the front, 20 cm long around the band. I gladly take custom orders for this kind of jewellery, as every bride is unique and deserves her unique head piece for the wedding:) That includes design change, different stones, dimensions, as well as your own design made scratch! Please be aware that it takes about 2 weeks to finish that complicated piece! ...
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