Beata Sas Narkiewicz

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I´m graduated of the faculty of painting and graphics, the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk.In my spare time I paint, but my true love is jewelry.
I and my husband Jacek Sas took up making jewellery since 1990. Our products can be found in prestigious Polish galleries. They also successfully sold on the the United States, United Kingdom and Germany markets. Every year we exhibit our work at Amberif.
Handmade silver ring with amethyst. Amethyst is triangle 2cm x 1,8cm. Silver oxidized and polished to shine. Ring band adjustable. ...
Price: 111 €
Leaves with sapphire II
Ring made of 925 silver and sapphire (1.1cm /1.5cm ) . Width band - 1.3cm. Ring band adjustable....
Price: 99 €
Sapphire and peridots
Ring made of 925 silver, sapphire (1.4 cm x 1.1 cm) and smal peridots ( 0.45cm). Width of ring band 1.7cm to 0.7cm ring size adjustable ...
Price: 126 €
 Melba double
The pendant is made ​​of 925 silver. At the widest point pendant is 2.8 cm, the total length of 10cm. Length of strap 41.5 cm plus 3cm chain....
Price: 114 €
A single Melba
Large, y ring, made ​​of 925 silver. Decoration ring is amber and white cultured pearls. Dimensions top of the ring 3cm to 4.8cm. Ring 8mm width adjustable. Now the number is 14.5. ...
Price: 96 €
Fiery carnelian II
Silver ring with carnelian . Top dimensions 4.1cm by 3.1cm. Ring is adjustable. Now is number 14....
Price: 90 €
Chalcedony rose
Large silver ring made ​​of silver. The pride of the ring is chalcedony rose. Dimensions of the top ring 5cm by 4cm . It is regulated , now is number 14....
Price: 138 €
The corset
Ring made ​​of 925 silver. Four amethysts are about 6mm diameter. At its widest point is 2.1 cm ring tapers down to 1.3 cm. For the ladies wearing number 13-14....
Price: 60 €
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