Anna Nycz

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Trained as a social educator and visual techniques. With passion stylist and designer, in love with Mother Nature and her four seasons. Nature is my inspiration and an invaluable source of inspiration. It was she, combined with my imagination allows me to create such a beautiful and unique jewelry full of color, life, light and darkness. All of this makes my jewelry unique and unique.
In his creative work I like variety, so sometimes I surprise form, shape and color of their works. I wish that my unique, original collections, taken out like a fairytale 1001 nights arouse strong emotions.
I care about is that my jewelry was fine and sturdy, with the highest quality materials, so as to prolong its life.
I dedicate it to all women who want to dazzle your entrance and feel like a star on the red carpet. I want women to dress in classic, elegant and timeless style.
Possibility of individual projects, will satisfy the most demanding tastes.
Welcome to my magical world in which there is no room for boredom, ruled by his love and passion for beautiful jewelry, and any woman who feels envy here confident and unique.
Romantyczne Boho 75
Kolczyki Karnawałowe 84
Gwiezdny Pył 84
Haute Couture 114
Wichrowe Wzgórza 57
Kolczyki ślubne Barbara 54
Azteckie 108
Militarne 90
Motyle 90
Orientalne 66
Witraże 78
Drapieżne 60
Tajemniczy Ogród 360
Wisior Amazonia 69
Energetyczne 33
Ważki 90
Naszyjnik Magiczny 135
Balowe 66
Magiczne 99
Kiwi 60
Carska Rosja 33
Ukryte Marzenia 48
Wiosenne 45
Komplet Elegance 60
Gejsza 39
Zmysłowe 84
Romantyczne 21
Kolczyki ślubne Liliana 57
Neony 84
Kolczyki Lato 2013 111
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