Agnieszka Szmit

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I specialise in handcrafted jewellery. My basic resource is silver formed and fired according to the Art Clay Silver (ACS) technique, although I have recently begun working with bronze as well. To me, creating each piece of jewellery metal clay (such as the Art Clay Silver) is a truly magical experience: it starts with a piece of ductile, inconspicuous ground of metal (usually silver), which undergoes a series of meticulous processes in order to reach its final metallic form. These include forming, shaping, carving and drying of the clay, as well as firing it in temperature reaching up to 800ºC.

Silver and bronze clay offer countless opportunities for bringing the artist’s designs to life. It is possible to any form imaginable, the final outcome being only a matter of the artist’s skill, experience and tools. In designing my jewellery I most often reach out for floral patterns, leaves and, in general, vegetation in bloom. They might become the main theme of a design, or serve a strictly ornamental purpose. Every piece of jewellery I make is absolutely unique, which means that each order starts a fresh design and ends with a single piece of art. I do not use any ready-made molds or templates.

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Agnieszka Szmit
Biała pelargonia
Delicate and elegant necklace made of oxidised silver and beautifully-presented on the background of white pearls. Leaf geraniums I formed scratch by hand with pure silver, and the judge pearl breeding. For leaf pendent the pearl seashell in the form of s with a length of 1.8 cm. Part of the necklace located at the neck form a cultured pearl necklace and silver pr. 925. silver leaf Dimensions: 1.7 x 1.9 cm; Total length of pendant: 3.9 cm; length of the necklace: 52 cm + 4 cm chain to adjust....
Price: 89 €
Sea on the Moon
Necklace made entirely by hand with silver pr. 999 and 930. Its main element represents the sea, foaming wave breaks on the shore of plowed cratered lunar surface. The whole cool glow light up: cabochon moonstone, clear rhinestones and pure white pearl seashell. Decorative pendant with chain link handmade foam cells in the form of pigeons. Lunar colors complement Tourmaline quartz beads and cultured pearls adorning the chain. Silver was zaoksydowane, sawn and polished. The length of the pendant (with pendant with pearl seashell) is 7 cm; width - 4.5 cm. Circuit chain may be slightly adjusted from 55 to 59 cm....
Price: 580 €
Cherry blossoms
Delicate necklace made by me silver sprigs of cherry blossom. The neck is surrounded by a silver chain, interspersed with pastel pink quartzes and agates mszystymi. Silver was zaoksydowane, sawn and polished. With Chain necklace przedłużającemu circuit can be adjusted approx. 47.5 cm to 51.5 cm. The length of the lateral twigs is 4 cm; hanging (including pegs) - 5 cm....
Price: 147 €
Ginkgo with Fluorite
Bracelet adorned typically associated with baroque splendor of gold and purple colors. Stylized twigs with leaves of ginkgo were formed by hand with warm bronze, gold-tone (Goldie Bronze). Same list decorated with rhinestones in the color of amethyst and peridotu. In addition to all the branches of brass or other metal elements (clasp, chain, etc.) Are silver zaoksydowanego to brown. The bracelet consists of fluorites (wrist), faceted amethyst and peridotu Randy and smooth bead colored apatite (forming staphylococcal) and pyrite beads connecting branch. Length of bracelet is 18.5 cm; Gronka length of 4 cm....
Price: 89 €
Charms Girls
Beads charms in the shape of girls heads. I have been molded by hand pure silver. Diameter of each bead is about 13 - 14 mm hole fits the strap or chain with a thickness of 5mm. Charms n in the picture are examples. You can order a similar bead. The bead diameter, as described, face a rather contractual features (ie, as in beads in the pictures) and fryzurki as you wish - you can give a deion of hairstyle or send her a picture. Also, the hole in the bead may have a different diameter and can be positioned laterally or vertically....
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Fairy flowers
Earrings are made entirely of silver and stones: gentle, mystic topaz faceted brioletek, as well as forming a faceted amethysts staphylococcal, garnet, apatite, green onyx and Jade fuchsia. Forest ringtones, nothing taken out of the forest clearing which is in the possession of the elves, I formed the basis of pure silver. To add kolczykom little playfulness, deliberately deployed symmetrically butterflies that look as if for a moment perched on a twig rings to break again for a moment to take flight. Silver was zaoksydowane, sawn and polished. The total length of the earring is 10.5 cm; single earring weight: 7.5g. Earrings, despite its length and number of stones are really light....
Price: 153 €
Flowers are my favorite motifs, and the pendant and bracelet with hydrangea that once I did, I feel a special fondness. We are happy to repeat this pattern, however, in the case of order, please take into consideration that each work is made scratch by hand and just as in nature, there will be two identical flowers. Hydrangeas were formed by hand pure silver. In the center is set a small cubic zirconia. Dimensions of the pendant is approximately 6 x 4 cm. The bracelet has been used pyrites and mountain crystals, but there may be other stones, according to the customers requirement. Delivery time: 3-4 weeks....
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Blooming Apple Tree
The Blooming Apple Tree pendant was hand sculpted in fine silver. It is adorned with the rose quartz cabochon and the bunch made of the beautiful rose quartz faceted tear and rose quartz, ruby quartz and peridot faceted rondelle beads. The size of the pendant (including the bunch) is 9,5 x 3,7 cm. It is hung on a chain, which is 62,5 – 66,5 cm long. The silver is oxidized and polished....
Price: 375 €
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