Metsi (ring)

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Artist: Marina Noske
Metsi (ring)
Metsi (ring) Metsi (ring) Metsi (ring) Metsi (ring) Metsi (ring)
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Metsi Ring - a tiny section of the underwater world of plants. This world is extremely surprising. In a tiny pond just next to real miracles can happen. Will you believe that even succulents can be found there? Really. It looks like a vegetable absurd, but it's getting so fat Helms under water and it's fine. The ring is decorated with labradorite with yellow-blue-green fire and sunny faceted lemons. The ring is adjustable in the size range from 15-17, the crown is quite large (4 cm long, 2.7 cm wide) To the set you can choose pendant or earrings visible in the last photo, are also available in my gallery. Unique work.

Width: 2,70 cm
Length: 4,00 cm
Technique: hand made
Material: lemon stone, labradorite, silver
Color: light blue, blue, silver, green, yellow
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