Autumn vines

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Artist: Sztuk Kilka
Autumn vines
Autumn vines Autumn vines Autumn vines Autumn vines Autumn vines Autumn vines Autumn vines
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A vision of autumn plant tendils with small fruits fixed in silver 925. I made the necklace in collaboration with the artist - Margo Gallery, which made a crocheted rope, consisting of hundreds of maroon-brown beads interwoven with accents of orange and red, this technique is called beading . At the ends of the rope I placed floral motifs, which I covered with an oxide layer, giving the silver red - bluish shades. In similar colors, seashell pearls * adorn the twigs.

Under the leaf of one of the branches, I hid the loop, while the second branch ended with a hook with a safety ball that prevents it unbuttoning.

If you love floral motifs with a touch of Art Nouveau, Autumnal vines are made for you :)


* Seashell pearls - pearls made of mother of pearl

Length of cord with el. silver: 100.0 cm
Length of the cord: 83.0 cm
Silver weight: 32.0 g

Length: 100,00 cm
Weight: 32,00 g

Tags: gift for her, modern necklace, autumn necklace with leaves, art nouveau necklace silver, long necklace, beading necklace with leaves, silver necklace and beads, silver necklace, wrapped necklace, necklace with pearls
Technique: beading, metalwork
Material: pearl, silver, glass
Color: claret, brown, red, navy blue, orange, silver

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