Planetarium Pendant

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Artist: Vevka
Planetarium Pendant
Planetarium Pendant Planetarium Pendant Planetarium Pendant Planetarium Pendant Planetarium Pendant Planetarium Pendant
Price: 143 €

Value shipment in Poland: 4 €

Courier in Poland: 4 €

Foreign shipment: set individually
A unique pendant - a talisman made of a raw piece of natural tourmaline clad with titanium and oxidized and polished silver of the highest attempts of 999 and 925. I made the pendant scratch by hand according to my own design. All oxidized and polished. Execution scratch by hand using a labor-intensive wire wrapping technique. A very labor-intensive and unique project.
Due to their properties, this kind of crystals are used in esoterics, reiki and lithotherapy - tourmaline has a very strong protective effect.
The jewelry will be nicely and safely packed.
Length: pendant approx. 8.5 cm (measured with the eye). Chain - 76 cm. Weight 28 g.

Length: 8,50 cm
Weight: 28,00 g
Technique: patina, hand made, wire wrapping
Material: silver 925, silver 999, tourmaline
Color: violet, silver, multicolored, gold
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