Be brave.

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Artist: Jubiko
Be brave.
Be brave. Be brave. Be brave. Be brave.
Price: 88 €

Registered mail, priority: 3 €

Value shipment in Poland: 3 €

Courier in Poland: 5 €

Foreign shipment: set individually
Bracelet made of titanium.
The colors of the creature were d in the fire, a layer of permanent titanium oxides formed on the surface.
The rest of the bracelet was polished.
The bracelet is hypoallergenic and very durable.

The length of the bracelet is 17.5 cm + 3.5 cm wide (the bracelet will be good on the wrist with a circumference of about 18-20 cm). If necessary, the bracelet can be stretched.
Width: 1.5 cm

This bracelet is made titanium, which is a metal extremely suitable for jewelry, firstly because it’s strong but lightweight material, and secondly it is biocompatible, hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant, so that jewelry pieces last for longer.

- All pieces in my titanium collection are colored using the anodizing technique. Titanium’s surface forms a series of colors similar to rainbow colors due to the development of an oxide film.

- All my silver and titanium jewelry is hypoallergen

Width: 1,50 cm
Length: 17,50 cm

Tags: titanium, titanium, bracelet, durable, resilient, colorful, predatory, male
Technique: metalwork, mixed, hand made
Material: titanium
Color: brown, amber, graphite, navy blue, copper, sea, blue, silver, old gold, grey, multicolored
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