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Artist: CIBA
Lycoris Lycoris Lycoris Lycoris Lycoris
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Stone of fearlessness, spiritual wisdom and grounding.
It reminds that we are safe in the world, banishes nightmares, helps us see things clearly and objectively. It encourages fidelity in relationships, brings hope and peace. Srimulating the crown chakra purple jasper wakes our spirituality in a renewed way. It s an aura of wisdom and authority, and can enhance our status and power.
It assists in preserving our dignity, and simplifies decision-making or clear action. It calms the emotional body, increases memory skills, and has the ability to focus multiple energies together for a single purpose.

Chakra: crown
Spirit guide: Archangel Ambriel
Birthstone for: October

This brooch is entirely hand made, using an ingenious technique combining wire-wrapping and metalwork elements.
It can be easily divided into two pieces (see pictures).
materials: sterling silver, purple jasper, pearls.
total size: 92x68 mm (pendant size: 66x36 mm), 
weight: 13,6 g, 

Width: 6,80 cm
Length: 9,20 cm
Weight: 13,60 g

Tags: sterling silver, jasper, purple jasper, purple jasper brooch, fairytale brooch, elvish brooch, bartosz ciba, ciba, ciba jewelry, gift, perfect gift, christmas gift, cosplay, pearl brooch, purple brooch, pearls
Technique: metalwork, hand made, wire wrapping
Material: jasper, oxidative, pearl, cultured pearl, silver, silver 925, silver 930, silver 999
Color: violet, purple, silver, heather

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