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Artist: Sylwia Radecka
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This pendant is in the shape of an circle and represents Halloween holiday
Was made of copper and sterling silver.
The witch was made of fine silver.

The mixed metals, fine silver and copper work beautifully on these pendant.
Deeply oxidized to emphasize the texture.

This fun pendant will add the perfect touch for the Halloween celebrations .


Full height: 4 cm (1,6 inches )
Diametr of copper circle: 3 cm (1,2 inches )
Wight: 5,8 g


All my works i send in elegant jewellery boxes.

Diameter: 3,00 cm
Weight: 5,80 g

Tags: fine silver, sterling silver, nature jewelry, birdhouse, bird, silver leaf, metal clay, forest, woodlandbranches
Technique: Metal Clay
Material: brass, silver, silver 925, silver 999
Color: copper, silver


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