NATURE- Tropica

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Artist: AillilStudio
NATURE- Tropica
NATURE- Tropica NATURE- Tropica NATURE- Tropica NATURE- Tropica
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Tropica is an exclusive bead embroidery necklace inspired by the beauty of Amazon jungle.
Necklace is rich with stones: tourmaline, jasper, fossil coral, howlite and ruby with zoiste. All is surrounded with thousands of various beads: Toho, Prciosa, Bicone, Rulla and NihBeads.
Necklace is finished with high quality, cruelty- free , ecological, purple leather which was also impregnated to prevent staining.Light purple cord is used instead of traditional clasp , to make the piece more fitteable to the clients body.
Size of the motif in front: 13cm x 9cm (5,12 x 3,54).
Circumference: 42cm- 66cm ( 16,54- 25,98).

Width: 9,00 cm
Length: 13,00 cm

Tags: aillilstudio, bead embroidery, beaded necklace, nature jewelry, exclusive
Technique: beading, embroidery
Material: howlit, jasper, Preciosa beads, Toho beads, tourmaline
Color: violet, fuchsia, blue, rose, pink, heather


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