Fiery chrysanthemum

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Artist: Sztuk Kilka
Fiery chrysanthemum
Fiery chrysanthemum Fiery chrysanthemum Fiery chrysanthemum Fiery chrysanthemum Fiery chrysanthemum Fiery chrysanthemum Fiery chrysanthemum
Price: 234 €

Registered mail, priority: 3 €

Courier in Poland: 4 €

Foreign shipment: set individually
Original pendant made of 925 sterling silver. Chrysanthemum flowers are a traditional motif taken Japanese art. It shines the intricate openwork fabric imported directly Japan, is a fragment of a real kimono. Coloring of the material: muffled orange and gold stripers. I placed the pendant on a silver chain with a snap fastener and my logo, the adjustment is possible over the entire length of the chain.

SYMBOLISM - chrysanthemum is a sign attributed to the noble born since the emperor Go - Toba wished to have his garments decorated with the image of this flower. Chrysanthemum as the decorative motif of the fabric was a symbol of autumn.
Japanese tale enchanted in silver - a collection of delicate jewelry full of motifs taken the culture of Japan, in which I have embraced the symbolism of this country and the pieces of fabric brought the wandering it.

Diameter: 5.7 cm
Worst place: 7.0 cm
Chain length - 73.0 cm
Weight of silver - 24.0 g

Width: 5,70 cm
Length: 73,00 cm

Tags: silver pendant, openwork pendant, japanese motives, delicate jewelry, light pendant, silver jewelry, japanese jewelry, elegant pendant
Technique: metalwork
Material: silver, silver 925, fabric
Color: orange, silver, gold
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