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Artist: CIBA
Nimai Nimai Nimai Nimai Nimai
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Stone of personal strength, contributing to self-confidence.
It balances out the solar chakra, sustaining the positive mental mindset, spontaneity and joy. It gives us hope and freedom emotional suppressions and prohibitions. It wakes true yearning for wisdom and spiritual understanding.
Citrine chases away bad emotions and prevents the outflow of energy most effectively. It draws wealth and prosperity.
It helps to heal pancreas and other vitals connected to the solar chakra.

Chakra: solar plexus
Spirit guide: Archangel Jophiel
Birthstone for: June

The bracelet is entirely hand made, using an ingenious technique combining wire-wrapping and metalwork elements.
materials: sterling silver, citrine, yellow sapphire, amber, 
main element size: 45x13 mm, 
lenght: 22 cm, variable, 
weight: 20 g
(Use the sizing information provided for a best sense of the fit.)

Would you like a unique, custom designed piece thats all your own? Whether youd like something sized just for

Width: 4,50 cm
Length: 22,00 cm
Weight: 20,00 g

Tags: sterling silver, wire-wrapping, amber, yellow sapphire, citrine, amber bracelet, citrine bracelet, yellow sapphire bracelet, unique bracelet, unique jewelry, handmade bracelet, handmade jewelry, ciba, bartosz ciba, perfect gift, gift, christmas gift,
Technique: metalwork, hand made, wire wrapping
Material: amber, lemon stone, oxidative, silver, silver 925, silver 930, silver 999, sapphire
Color: amber, honey, mustard, silver, yellow, gold

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