Pierścień Claddagh

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Pierścień Claddagh
Pierścień Claddagh Pierścień Claddagh Pierścień Claddagh Pierścień Claddagh
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Claddagh ring shows two hands holding a heart with a crown. The heart is supposed to symbolize love, hands - friendship, and the crown - loyalty and honesty. The symbolism of the ring expresses the maxim: Let love and friendship reign forever, (irl.) L This is the meaning of the Irish Claddagh ring lets you specify it as the ring of faith.) The ring worn as a symbol of friendship or marriage in Ireland since the seventeenth century. Today, the Claddagh ring can serve as a wedding ring, an engagement ring or a gift for a mother to commemorate the birth of her child, as well as on other occasions.

Width: 1,10 cm
Diameter: 1,70 cm
Weight: 8,00 g
Jewelry size: 16/17,67 mm
Technique: cast
Material: silver 925
Color: silver
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