Black Mirror Necklace

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Artist: Vevka
Black Mirror Necklace
Black Mirror Necklace Black Mirror Necklace Black Mirror Necklace Black Mirror Necklace Black Mirror Necklace
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Organic necklace in the form of a rigid, open collar made of two cabochons labradorite Madagascar and silver trials 999 and 925. The necklace can delicately modeled to fit the circumference of the neck. Depending on the angle of light shimmering stones have a play of colors in shades of gold. Silver was zaoksydowane and carefully polished. Jewelry marking and signed. For shipping is nicely and safely packed. Implementation scratch manually using wire wrapping technique, very laborious and unique design. The length of the necklace, measured beginning to end with stones, is about 56 cm. Mannequin, on which it is presented necklace has a size 42.

Length: 56,00 cm
Weight: 67,00 g
Technique: patina, hand made, wire wrapping
Material: labradorite, silver 925, silver 999
Color: silver, grey, gold

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