Strzałka Wilanowska

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Artist: Agnieszka Fronc
Strzałka Wilanowska
Strzałka Wilanowska Strzałka Wilanowska
Price: 39 €

Registered mail, priority: 2 €
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Foreign shipment: set individually
Very colorful and eye-catching earrings folk-styled sticks ornament, folk paper cut-outs. Folk pattern arrows Wilanów sculpted was the intricate embroidery techniques sutaszu and beautifully complemented by a sparkling Swarovski crystals. Fashion this season a combination of yellow, orange, red, green, and blue sapphire. * DOSTEĘPNE ON ORDER 7-14 DAYS * hung on sticks - pr.925 Back finished balls were spot-thin smooth leather. Impregnated.

Width: 3,70 cm
Length: 4,70 cm
Technique: embroidery, soutache
Material: Swarovsky crystal, silver 925, soutache
Color: orange, multicolored, yellow
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