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Czysta forma
Czysta forma Czysta forma Czysta forma Czysta forma
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Value shipment in Poland: 5 €

Courier in Poland: 8 €

Foreign shipment: set individually
Ring hand-made to order in yellow gold pr 0585 (14K) kosteczkami of the rough diamond. Ring comes the collection of jewelery inspired by ancient culture. There is an option for individuals looking for a bold and original jewelry. To emphasize the sculptural ornaments invoice creator and gently zmatowił zoksydował ring surface, leaving a polished center. Additional effect of the melt edges add a ring. It is performed on request by appointment size. Delivery time about 14 days. All their products impart a 5 year warranty. CHANGES IN CONNECTION WITH GOLD VALUE BEFORE SUBMITTING A CONTRACT PLEASE CONTACT AND CONFIRM PRICES.

Width: 1,00 cm
Weight: 5,20 g
Technique: cast, forging
Material: diamond, gold 585 (14 k)
Color: white, grey, gold

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