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Prezent dla Niej ...
Prezent dla Niej ...
Price: 72 €

Value shipment in Poland: 3 €

Courier in Poland: 8 €

Foreign shipment: set individually
Modern in shape, yet highly decorative ring with a gold-plated 24-karat gold, silver 925 In the center of a large cubic zirconia a diameter of 1 cm. And some minor scattered on a wide track. Since the decoration is done in order to have the option to choose the color of a few others - after prior contact with the creator. The time of the contract from a few days to two weeks time. Feel free to contact ...

Tags: elegant, beautiful, engagement, wedding, on orderok. 1.2
Technique: metalwork, hammering, hand made, craft, sculpture, satin, forging
Material: zirconia, coated with gold, silver 925
Color: white, light blue, violet, yellow, gold
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