Mokume gane ring-engraver

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Mokume gane ring-engraver
Mokume gane ring-engraver Mokume gane ring-engraver Mokume gane ring-engraver Mokume gane ring-engraver
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Unique wedding rings made ​​of gold 10-karat and silver 925 Rings available on request, delivery time up to 14 dni.Podana price per pair-size 12 and 20 Beautifully engraved in cenie.Technika Mokume gane is derived from seventeenth-century Japan (moku = wood, me = eye and gane = metal). Created as samurai swords of multiple layers of metal, with the difference that arises Mokume metal of different colors. Through various treatments achieved similar to the grain pattern of the tree. Each item is created in this technique is unique. Jobs in this technique is difficult and time-consuming, it belongs to the most expensive jewelry in the world.

Width: 0,60 cm
Jewelry size: 12/16,33 mm

Tags: silver, glitter, gold, mokume, unique, wedding, wedding, anniversary, couple
Technique: engraving, mokume gane, hand made
Material: silver 925, silver 930, gold
Color: brown, red, silver, gold


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Mokume gane ring-engraver