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Złota rybka
Złota rybka Złota rybka Złota rybka
Price: 150 €

Registered mail, priority: 2 €
with another product this creator: +1 €

Value shipment in Poland: 4 €

Courier in Poland: 8 €

Foreign shipment: set individually
Wonderful and artistic necklace entirely made personally by the creator of silver, black and orange agate, photo on Plexiglas and thick natural leather strap. Visually attractive and rich in expression, a spatially extended, a pendant, which is complementary setting for color images. Remarkable with its own unique blend of materials and their very appearance. Witty and unusual creations fulfill uncommon personality. Size of the pendant: 15 x 6 cm. Length: 38 cm.

Technique: metalwork, hand made, craft
Material: agate, plastic, silver 925
Color: orange, silver
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